Tuesday, August 4, 2015



My name is Theresa Dollmann. I was born in Houston, Texas on January 18, 1984. I was raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana from age 6 to 26. I attended Catholic school from age 3 to 18. Our high school mascot was the Saints. I graduated and went on to college where my mascot became the Demons. I started drinking at age 15 and smoking pot at age 18. I moved on to ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, then cocaine, meth, and pills. I did uppers, downers, anything I could get my hands on; nitrous oxide to K2. I turned to drugs for stress relief, escape, and to fit in. For 15 years I did drugs till one day the drugs did me.

 I got into a fight with my then boyfriend in Tulsa, Oklahoma and landed in jail. They gave me 5 years probation. I did well the first year then failed 3 drug tests with my P.O. so I decided to stop using and just drink alcohol. I ended up totaling my car in a DUI, going back to jail, and violating my probation. I got out on bond. My drug addiction spiraled out of control. All within one month I lost my car, my dog, my new boyfriend, my  job,  and got kicked out of my home. I tried to commit suicide. I took two bottles of Tylenol. I didn’t tell anybody. I woke up the next morning in severe pain and called 911. They brought me to the hospital. They put me in ICU. The doctor told me my liver enzymes were at 16,000 when they were supposed to be at 40. He told me I was going to die. I told him, “Well, that’s what I wanted.” I lay in the hospital bed and made my peace with God. When I woke up the next morning the doctor came in and said, “You are a miracle, your liver enzymes have cut in half to 8,000.” When he left the room I looked up to God and said “I’m listening…” I knew there was something He wanted me to do before I died.

I was now homeless with a warrant out for my arrest. My lawyer told me I needed to check into rehab because they were going to throw me in prison. I called about 8 rehabs in Oklahoma. Some were too expensive, some would not accept me because of my violent crime, and the others had 6 month waiting lists. I was hopeless. I about gave up. I cried. Then my counselor told me about Faith Refuge. It wasn’t hard to find. It was the only door open.


Here at The Refuge I learned more about God in the first 3 months than I did in 15 years of Catholic school. I got saved August 21, 2014. And I believe God spared my life so that I could find Jesus Christ. The programs here at The Faith Refuge have changed my life. I am a new creation in Christ. I have hope. I have learned how to have a relationship with God by going to Him in prayer and reading my Bible daily. I have learned to praise Him in all circumstances, trust Him with every detail of my life, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through me. The classes here have also taught me how to forgive others, take responsibility for my actions and feelings, set boundaries, and how to speak life using Scripture. I’ve worked on things I didn’t even know I had problems with like pride, arrogance, and selfishness. I just thought I had good self-esteem. I’ve also worked on problems I have had for years like anger, self-pity, depression, drug addiction and everything that goes along with that. Let’s just say I am fully clothed, in my right mind, and sitting at the feet of Jesus now. I have been to 7 different rehabs in my life and I can honestly say that addiction can only be defeated by the power of Christ.


My plans for the future are to be working full-time in Home Health Care as a Personal Care Taker and continuing my education in the health care field. I believe I have been called to serve others. I know the most important thing I can do to stay clean and sober is to anchor my life in Jesus so I will not be blown away by my circumstances. Also, to stay clean and sober I must stay connected to the community of fellow believers. I will stay connected by going to church, attending Bible studies, and giving back to the community of Wichita Falls. Thank You God for saving my life so that I could find salvation through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You God for the broken road that led me to The Refuge, I could not have overcome addiction alone. Thank You God for a second chance at life. May everything I do bring honor and glory to You.    

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Who am I?

Who cares?
And why does this matter?
Do you want nouns, verbs, or adjectives?
Daughter, sister, singer, student
Hopeful, open, optimistic
Helpful, thoughtful, entergetic
I don't know...
I can't describe it.
I am Theresa!
There is no correct answer.
So they are all wrong?
who - used in order to make a statement about someone or used in order to add more information about someone
am - the 1st person singular and present tense of the verb be
I -
I am searching for the truth.
Can you give me a clue?
Can I buy a vowel?
Yes, "I"
Dr. Who?
I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
I am a spoon.
Why am I here?
How do I function in the world?
I - the first person experience
pure conscience
created in the image of God
a witness to life
I speak
I feel
I think
I act
all gets attached to something else
I am limitless!!!!
identity - the fact of being who or what a person or thing is
is - 3rd person singular present of be
be - exist, occur, take place
I am a human "being"
I exist
I am a child of God
God says, "You are Mine!"
God cares
We are the world to Him

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Product Matrix

You are surrounded.

Surrounded by products.

The Product Matrix is the way corporations are controlling you.

These very corporations are killing the Earth. 

I urge you to shop local and boycott Wal*mart.

Grow your own food.

And voice up.

Tell them what you want.

Everybody can be happy.

I know the way back to the Garden of Eden.

And I’m going to Feng Shui the planet.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Honesty is The New Intelligence.

So I fell in love with a con artist :( I have always been gullible. Well this guy fixed my radio and my bullshit meter for good. With him I learned to observe the sincerity in a person's voice and compare it to lies.

Honesty is the new intelligence. In the future there will be no liars. Everyone will be able to detect a liar through the sincerity in their voice just as if they were singing a song from the heart. Or reading from a script.  We all now have the intelligence of a movie director.

It is easy to look through someones soul. It's because they have all the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we do. We all want the same thing too. To be happy. You can look into anyone's eyes and tell if they are happy. My purpose in life is to love all souls and help them find what they are looking for. Caution: you must be kind when you wake people up.

Here is how i do it. I listen to the other person genuinely speak from the heart. Use Heart Technology. You see the difference between sincerity and lies are lack of emotion.  Lies lack emotion because there is nothing behind them.

So if you think someone is lying just ask them questions concerning the details of the lie. Create a map. See if they look to the left for answers or stumble on their words. When they lie to you tell them to "say it like you mean it." And when they tell you the truth say "now I can believe that."

Encourage them to speak honestly.

In the future there will be no liars, when we can all read minds.

Welcome to The New Intelligence.

Monday, April 29, 2013

I am Theresa of Tulsa

I am Joan of Arc
I am River Song
I am Fairy Dust 
I am Mother Earth
I am Theresa of Tulsa

I am Left Eye
I am Anonymous
I am Dr. Who?
I am Ron Paul


Monday, November 19, 2012

Name That Blog... Baby

Traveling down the highway I have noticed this:

If you go the exact speed limit you can see the beauty in the architect of the road. As you cruise thru you can imagine how many times they had to test drive by to visualize the path ahead. The landscapes, the sun set, the sun rise, it is all beautiful from the architect's eye, going at the speed prescribed.

As I travel down the highway of life (with no radio mind you) I realize, God has also posted a speed limit thru time and space. God's speed. So breathe, smile, and go slow. After all, he has been time traveling since the beginning and I do believe he has perfected the road just for us...

As for the broken radio. I definitely think God is trying to tell me something.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blogger Alarm

Apparently my blogger alarm went off cos I keep writing these one month at a time on the dot.

I had an excellent idea to share with you, but I forgot it. I'm slacking... always, always, always, write it down. Every simple little idea. You can always come back later and elaborate. But you have nothing if that idea is lost in the shuffle.

I'm going back to the spot where I had the great idea. Be right back...

Nothing left there but a good feeling.

I can only hope you come back to me.