Friday, January 19, 2018

Yin Yang Stereotypes

Yin Yang philosophy is absolutely toxic. It's bipolar, bipartisan-nonpartisan, borderline brain-washing verbal abuse to categorize human females with every negative and dark adjective you can think of. Not only is it an insult to the complexity of the human design. It's absolutely childish. Where is the balance? What is balance? Freedom of speech. Equal Rights. Equal Pay. Freedom from exploitation. Due process. If this philosophy was so concerended with balance it wouldn't have murdered 500 million of women. Remove male and female off the yin yang. Put it in 1st grade where it belongs. To teach chdren that the absence of light is dark. The opposite of night is day. But the sun and the moon have no correlation. They are not competing. They are their own bodies, their own beings. They do not belong on your bipolar philosophy chart. Nor does any woman or man. Balance. If you wanted to control the world population you should have supplied and educated your women in birth control. Women are life. So why are they on the yin side with death? Credits and Debits. Yin Yang Time. Times UP. Yin Yang philosophy is  illlogical and borderline systemic verbal abuse towards all women. Remember... Only you can stop stereotypes.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Red Pill, Blue Pill

Before you diagnose yourself with a mental illness make sure you are not in fact surrounded by assholes...

Categories of Verbal Abuse 

1. Withholding (information, money, resources, time, communication)

2. Countering (the argument saying your thinking is wrong I am right therefore I can think for both of us)

3. Discounting (saying your perception is worthless and your witness has no real value)

4. Verbal abuse disguised as a joke. (making light of abuse)

5. Blocking and Diverting (you are not a rational person and I can change the conversation at will therefore not being held accountable)

6. Accusing and Blaming (blaming the victim's behavior for the abuse)

7. Judging and Criticizing (saying you have wrong thinking and your reactions are wrong)

8. Trivializing (pretending actions are less than they are and that your perceptions, opinions, and concerns are less than they really are)

9. Undermining (constant put downs lead to erosion of confidence and lessens determination)

10. Threatening (physical harm)

11. Name Calling (saying you are any thing less than human)

12. Forgetting (abuser forgets agreements or incidents saying the time, energy, and reality does not have to be accounted for)

13. Ordering and Demanding (asserting power with intimidation)

14. Denial (abuser refuses to accountable by failing to accept reality)

15. Abusive Anger (abuser threatening to have their way by intimidation)

Verbal Abuse Survivors Speak Out by Patricia Evans (pg. 41)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Who am I?

Who AM I?
Who cares?
And why does this matter?
What do you want nouns, verbs, or adjectives?
Daughter, sister, student,  singer
Hopeful, open, optimisticly organized
Helpful, thoughtful, entergetic
I don't know...
I can't de scribe it.
I am Theresa!
There is no correct answer.
So they are all wrong?
who - used in order to make a statement about someone or used in order to add more information about someone
am - the 1st person singular and present tense of the verb be
I -
I am searching for the truth...
Can you give me a clue?
Can I buy a vowel?
Yes, "I"
Dr. Who?
I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
I am a spoon.
Why am I here?
How do I function in the world?
I - the first person experience
pure conscience
created in the image of God
a witness to life
I speak
I feel
I think
I act
all gets attached to something else
I am limitless!!!!
identity - the fact of being who or what a person or thing is
is - 3rd person singular present of be
be - (verb) exist, occur
I am a human "being"
I exist
I am conscience
I am sensitive
I am a child of God 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Product Matrix

You are surrounded.

Surrounded by products.

The Product Matrix is the way corporations are controlling you.

These very corporations are killing the Earth. 

I urge you to shop local and boycott.

Grow your own food.

Get back to the Garden of Eden.

Monday, April 29, 2013

I am Theresa of Tulsa

I am Joan of Arc
I am River Song
I am Fairy Dust 
I am Mother Earth
I am Theresa of Tulsa

I am Left Eye
I am Anonymous
I am Dr. Who?
I am Ron Paul

Monday, November 19, 2012

Name That Blog... Baby

Traveling down the highway I have noticed this:

If you go the exact speed limit you can see the beauty in the architect of the road. As you cruise thru you can imagine how many times they had to test drive by to visualize the path ahead. The landscapes, the sun set, the sun rise, it is all beautiful from the architect's eye, going at the speed prescribed.

As I travel down the highway of life (with no radio mind you) I realize, God has also posted a speed limit thru time and space. God's speed. So breathe, smile, and go slow. After all, he has been time traveling since the beginning and I do believe he has perfected the road just for us...

As for the broken radio. I definitely think God is trying to tell me something.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blogger Alarm

Apparently my blogger alarm went off cos I keep writing these one month at a time on the dot.

I had an excellent idea to share with you, but I forgot it. I'm slacking... always, always, always, write it down. Every simple little idea. You can always come back later and elaborate. But you have nothing if that idea is lost in the shuffle.

I'm going back to the spot where I had the great idea. Be right back...

Nothing left there but a good feeling.

I can only hope you come back to me.