Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Be a smart consumer.

They sell more product when they keep customers confused. It's called gaslighting...
They will be held accountable. Verbal Abuse Laws in Advertising...
Threats and Violence disguised as joking
Name Calling
Sexism Stereotyping
Fear Mongering
False Advertising
Volume Adjusting
Price Inflating
Plastic Product Pushing
Irresponsibly Polluting
Side effect hypochondriac
Gas lighting
False Consensus Advertising - the corporation controls the numbers we see and creates a false "nonconsensus" to demote, demolish, steal, and pervert real data. They do this because they think they can control the population like this. haha

Call the BBB!


The Boycott List

High Fructose Corn Syrup
Round UP
Easter Bunny
Santa Clause
Consider canceled.

Who has time for these falseries? 

If you can't eat it or pronounce it I wouldn't be putting it on my skin. 

Vote with your money. Boycott evil.

And I encourage you to throw away any media that is no longer serving you into #File13.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Unplug the Reprogramming

Tonight's programming...

To program; or not to program?

Does History stop us from repeating the past or does it train us to repeat it?

Can Algorithms predict the future...

Positive Reinforcements

Natural Consequences

Exploitation or Exhortation Presentation?


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Women's Corps.

Business Plan

Mission Statement:

To protect the rights and personal liberties of Women and their Children1. To provide a safe working environment for Women and affordable on-site child care for their Children. To provide Comprehensive Health Insurance at an affordable price for Women and their Children. A birthing center that provides a safe environment for pregnant Women until they are ready for childbirth. One year full-time paid maternity leave. Programs for these Children ensure education in English, Science, Math and Herstory. Grades 0 - 12 years boys and girls. 

And a girls only competitive high school and bording college. 

"It's not socialism if it's a corporation. #WomansCorps. 


To Build Products for Women designed by Women. 

1 DNA Proof required. 

Women Doctors for Women, Men Doctors for Men

The birthright of women is to give birth.
Her body. Her life. Her choice.
Women first.
Dr. Mom...
You're hired!



If I were President...

I would put Nitrous Oxide in your air and not Fluoride in your water.

All productivity causes waste. When we transfer the waste into clean energy. We win.

Magnets and Math
Tidal Energy  (Moon Energy)
Biodegrading Insects
The War on Insects
Bacterial Technology
Fungus Among Us

Friday, January 19, 2018

Yin Yang Stereotypes

Yin Yang philosophy is absolutely toxic. It's bipolar, bipartisan-nonpartisan, borderline brain-washing verbal abuse to categorize human females with every negative and dark adjective you can think of. Not only is it an insult to the complexity of the human design. It's absolutely childish. Where is the balance? What is balance? Freedom of speech. Equal Rights. Equal Pay. Freedom from exploitation. Due process. If this philosophy was so concerended with balance it wouldn't have murdered 500 million of women. Remove male and female off the yin yang. Put it in 1st grade where it belongs. To teach chdren that the absence of light is dark. The opposite of night is day. But the sun and the moon have no correlation. They are not competing. They are their own bodies, their own beings. They do not belong on your bipolar philosophy chart. Nor does any woman or man. Balance. If you wanted to control the world population you should have supplied and educated your women in birth control. Women are life. So why are they on the yin side with death? Credits and Debits. Yin Yang Time. Times UP. Yin Yang philosophy is  illlogical and borderline systemic verbal abuse towards all women. Remember... Only you can stop stereotypes.